Lauren Louise – Harem Slave Girl, restrainedelegance

Lauren Louise has been taken and is to be broken into submission as a harem slave girl. Her captors require her to strip naked – despite her protests as to how cold the stone dungeon they are imprisoning her in is! She slips off her top, her trousers, she tries to shield her breasts and pussy from their gaze when the insist that she removes her black lacy bra and panties too!
Next, they mandate that she oils herself up, as befits a harem slave. She rubs baby oil into her breasts, her arms, her legs, all over. Then she must dress in the proper outfit for a harem girl – a red crop top with jewels and bells, and harem pants. Then she is subjected to prolonged rope bondage in the dungeon to break her will. Her wrists are tied above her head with rough hemp rope and a chest harness also links her to the ring in the ceiling – she is going absolutely nowhere! She is gagged with a red silk scarf gag in between her teeth cleave-gag style to silence any protests.
When she emerges from the slave training, she is taken to the master’s bedroom. What will he make of his new slave girl? He inspects her on the bed, chained with a slave collar at her neck and heavy steel shackles at her wrists and ankles. She is eager to be chosen, to escape the cold dungeons for a life of luxury as a pampered harem sex slave.

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