Kyra: Needs a little motivation to cooperate‏

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Kyra’s family is very wealthy, and have many treasures locked up in their estate, one of which Ivan’s employer wants. But Ivan needs the code for the safe before he can secure the artifact, and Kyra is the unfortunate member of the family Ivan has decided to get the code from. Maybe it was the fact that she was the family member least likely to be missed at the party, or maybe it was how damned sexy her legs looked in those high heels and stockings, or maybe how much fun it would be to break her. Whatever it was, he is already enjoying this part of his job – tying Kyra’s sexy ass up. He tied her hands when he initially lured her from the party, and now he gets to wrap more of his rope around her sexy body. He pulls the top of her black cocktail dress down beneath the rope, exposing her tasty tits, telling her she can make him stop if she cooperates and gives him the code, but he’s not really disappointed when she refuses. She tries to persuade him to let her go, that people will miss her at the party and will be looking for her, but Ivan knows that Kyra often wanders off at these parties for a little hanky-panky with one of the guests, and with everyone else XXXX and having fun, no one will be looking for her for a good long while. And just to make sure she doesn’t manage to reach the door or anything else, he ties her knees and ankles even while she fights him a little too hard and falls off the chair. It doesn’t stop him from finishing the tie on those gorgeous legs before putting her back on the chair. Ivan offers Kyra one more chance to tell him the code before gagging her with a folded handkerchief and bright red vet wrap around her head. He leaves her to stew in her predicament for a while, and she takes the opportunity to attempt to escape, squirming in the chair until she falls off it again. Ivan comes back to find her on the floor, and decides to make her situation a little less comfortable, which will hopefully loosen her tongue. He props her on her knees leaning over the chair and pulls a rope tightly from her ankles to her wrists. Kyra tries to scratch at Ivan’s hands while he ties the knot, but he’s just beyond her reach, and he finishes the tie without harm. When he leaves her again, she struggles hard, trying to balance on her knees and reach some knot or loosen the ropes somehow, but she only succeeds in realizing that she’s not going to get free until Ivan lets her, which elicits a whimper from Kyra. The next time Ivan comes back, he’s getting a little impatient, so he tries to provoke Kyra – and have a little fun himself – by playing with her ass and tits a little, running his hands over her exposed flesh. He’s certain she’ll break soon – another hour or so in this position, and she’ll be ready to tell him everything he wants and more – and if not, he has more… motivation. His threat renews Kyra’s efforts to try to get out of the rope, groping for a knot on the ropes she can feel, but they are still all out of her reach, and she nearly starts crying when Ivan comes back in and tells her play time is over, especially when she sees the size of the knife Ivan pulls out. He threatens to start cutting off bits, maybe those cute little nipples first, if she doesn’t give him the damn code, and finally Kyra hastily offers to cooperate – anything to prevent him from using that knife. Starring Kyra Michelle.

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