Knocked out tied up 05

Release Year: 2000
Cast: Tori Sinclair & Allison
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

A fun scene from our early years. The chloroform scenes are very long with somewhat unrealistic struggling and the bondage is not particularly strict but the girls are hot and the price is low!
Villainous Tori is out to steal Allisons movie script. She chloroforms poor Allison, who is dressed in skirt, blouse, heels and hose. The limp Allison is dragged away and hog-tied on camera. After awakening, Allison is gagged with cloth and left struggling on the floor. She works her shoes off and finally manages to free herself. Tori returns to check on her hostage and finds her gone! Allison sneaks up and chloroforms Tori then drags her away. She wakes up bound to a chair, in skirt, top and bare feet, her legs apart. Tori is gagged on camera and fumes while Allison taunts her.
Cute blonde Allison returns home after work to find her roommate Tori in just panties, bound and tape-gagged on the floor. In spite of Toris attempts to warn her, Allison is chloroformed by a thug who sneaks up on her. Tori is horrified when the guy dumps Allisons limp body in her lap. The girls end up bound on the floor in just panties. They are tied back to back and are gagged with wide strips of duct tape. They whimper and struggle but can not get free. The intruder returns, removes the tape and chloroforms both girls while they are bound. They find themselves in a humiliating face to face tie with arms and legs around each other. They struggle hard, their bodies rubbing together as they do.
Beautiful Tori, wearing a skirt, blouse, hose and heels, is a rich girl volunteering for charity work. While she talks to the coordinator, a thug sneaks up on her. She is chloroformed and dragged to a closet. Allison enters and is chloroformed by the same villain. Both girls wake up bound in a closet gagged with bandannas between their teeth. They struggle, moan and try to communicate with each other. After removing their shoes, they use their stockinged feet to pull each others gags off. Free to talk, they frantically discuss their situation and then work themselves loose and flee. But, they are caught and both are chloroformed at the same time. They wake up tied back to back in just pantyhose. Again, they are gagged with bandannas.

Format: mp4
Duration: 52:40
Video: 638×480, MP4V, 1218kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 536.6 MB