Klawdya Rothschild – Punishment

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Device, Humiliation, Suspension, Torture
Video language: English

Klawdya thinks of herself as a bondage veteran but even this girl has a lot to learn from the master, PD. She thinks she’s so smart, trying to slip from her bonds, but PD already has a plan and soon enough she’s not going anywhere. Her efforts did earn her something, though; a painful whipping from PD.

Hog tied on the floor, now klawdya has even more problems. She is stripped down to her slip and put into a nasty predicament. Mr. Pogo gets her squirming, though, when he begins to plunder her cunt. The vibrator gets at her clit and she starts moaning beautifully for PD. And then, from a hook, PD has her in a perfect chest tied. klawdya’s sensitive tits are tied to attention and PD takes a taste from them. The real punishment comes from Mr. Pogo again though. PD straps him to her and gives her a wholly unique way of trying to fuck herself.

PD lets her down and ties her legs out of the way, providing a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Mr. Pogo gets right into her pussy and the vibrator follows close behind. PD makes her to cum so hard she shoots Mr. Pogo right out of her twat, but that isn’t good enough. PD keeps vibrating. She cums again and again until her pussy is running with lady wine.

Format: real
Duration: 34:10
Video: 852×488, RV40, 725kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 181.5 MB