Kim: One last time with the Ex

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kim was the last person Ivan expected to see today, but here she is, sitting with her long legs crossed on his desk, in a sultry skirt, strappy high heels, and tight brocade corset, as tempting as she always was – except now Ivan knows better. Kim broke up with him a while back, caused him nothing but trouble when they were dating, and now here she is, telling Ivan she missed him, and that she hasn’t been tied up in a while, all while exposing more and more of those sexy legs trying to tempt him into one more time. When the lacy stocking top peeks out from under her skirt, Ivan makes a decision – he has, after all, missed those gorgeous legs, and Kim says she got this new rope just for him. She even brought her favorite ball gag, which is what Ivan starts with, since communication was never the strong point in their relationship. Kim lifts her hair to let Ivan buckle it in tight, and delightedly obeys when he tells her to put her hands behind her back. He starts the rope around her chest, knots it tight, and ties her wrists. Kim is clearly loving the feel of the rope on her skin again, and even more the way Ivan manhandles her, yanking her back towards him to flip her onto her stomach to tie her ankles. One more loop of the rope around her thighs and he knots the end off near her ankles.

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Duration: 9:35
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