Kiere – Needing It pt. 2

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

Kinky Ukrainian submissive Kiere enters a sex dungeon, her slender curves encased in a tight net micro-minidress – her large breasts and stiff nipples are visible through the mesh. She teeters on high black ankle-strap heels, her long brunette hair is worn loose, and her lipstick is scarlet. She walks to a red-painted wire cage with a mirrored back wall, and finds a chain leash attached inside, which she clips to her collar.
Next, she spanks her peachy ass with a black leather flogger, hiking up her dress to expose a shaved pussy with large, fleshy labia. She squats down and swats her crotch, just hard enough to tease, then drops her free hand to masturbate it. Thighs parted wide, she moans as she works her fingers up and down her slit, complemented by strokes of the whip.
Thrusting her ass out within the confined space, she reaches back to plow herself from behind with one stiff finger. Then she sits, feet raised high and splayed wide, and pounds her snatch relentlessly, pausing only to taste her cream off of her manicured fingertips. The camera moves in for a sharp close-up of her swollen pink, and her neat, puckered asshole below it. Soon, her hand is a blur as she frigs herself harder and faster.
Whimpering with pleasure, Kiere fights the overwhelming urge to cum, then raises herself up. Still leashed, but standing outside the cage, she is able to see her reflection in the mirror and has more room to swing the flogger. The leather tails sting her perfect butt and turn her cheeks a rosy pink. However, she is unable to keep her fingers out of her pussy for long.
Tits quivering, she gets carried away by the pleasures of solo sex – then she switches position again, raising a leg impressively high against the door of the cage. Finally, she sits down again, one hand probing her pussy as the other reams her clit. Her cries become louder as she pounds herself to orgasm – then, blissed out, she caresses her beautiful body…

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:39
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4843kbps
Audio: 93kbps

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