Kickball Vol 2

Studio: ShotGun Video

Description: Pete Tanakis is back for a pair of extended kicking, stomping and clubbing sessions. We here at Shotgun like to work on men with great bodies and Pete is in great shape. We like to work on guys with BIG TOUGH NUTS and here Pete is without peer. We’ve never seen anyone with a bigger taste for testicular percussion – slugging, hitting, etc. There is absolutely no TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY GOING on here. Tough as Pete’s nuts are, they do swell up to the size of large lemons and the scrotum is somewhat bruised.
One of the reasons some of the hardest hits (and STOMPS!) are done to Pete when he is not tied down is because we want to show just how much a guy can take with complete consent. This is probably the most violent TAPE EVER MADE in the modern era. The most disturbing thing for some people will be the OBVIOUS PLEASURE PETE gets from his torture. We FIGURE HE’S GOT a right – but please don’t buy this tape if the REALLY HEAVY STUFF bothers you and DON’T say we didn’t warn you!
In this tape Pete also gets his nuts slammed some more with the heavy, HARD BLACK-RUBBER MALLET (usually used to pound out dents in cars for body work!) seen first in Kickball I. Bonuses and a multi-load finale with Dave North, Cash Couger, and Andrew Montano. Hot stuff and NOT recommended for the faint of heart!

Format: avi
Duration: 01:15:15

File size: 499.8 MB