Khaled part 2

We’ve strung Khaled up from the ceiling – making him utterly helpless, ready for our cruellest abuse yet. We start by taking a flogger each and thrashing him hard and fast – relentless whipping from every direction, no matter which way Khaled twists and turns in pain.
The pathetic fucker makes such a noise that Dave traps his tearful face between his legs and humps his screaming mouth, enjoying the vibrations as I continue to spank Khaled’s vulnerable arse.
We fasten vicious clips onto his nipples, and string them tightly to Khaled’s sensitive foreskin, each new vice eliciting a loud wail from the agonised man. But it’s only about to get worse, as he realises when he sees our red electric zappers. No part of Khaled’s body escapes as we jab at him mercilessly – his pecs, his abs, his arse all suffer the nasty white-hot shocks… even his cock and balls get a few zaps.
Crying and sobbing, Khaled folds up each time in an effort to escape the agony, but only manages to hurt his own nipples even more as his body stretches back down. He can’t go anywhere.
The stupid moron is yelling so much that I have to get my dick out and shove it down his throat to shut him up. Dave holds him in place as I fuck his face without mercy, his bound up body unable to do more than squirm as he chokes down my rigid erection. Each time he tries to take a breath or stops sucking, using his tongue, a few hard slaps from Dave and I soon put the cunt back on track. He has no choice.
Dave whacks a dental gag into Khaled’s mouth and decides to use the inviting hole as a human urinal, turning the once proud straight man into a snivelling piss bitch. As Dave’s smelly piss flows all over Khaled’s face, into his gaping mouth, up his nose, I laugh at his failed efforts to escape the urine soaked nightmare – and then I empty my bladder all over the miserable fucker too.
Finally, we let Khaled down, laying him in a pool of our stinking cold piss, and order him to piss himself. Humiliation on his face, Khaled obeys, urinating all over his own muscular body, every inch of it throbbing with agony.

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