Khaled part 1

We’ve been licking our lips over the sight of Khaled’s huge body and smooth, handsome face as he answered our interview questions, which only served to make us want him more. He really does seem to believe it’s all part of the audition process as he ask him to hold out his hands to be tied up.
As Reuben calmly hoists Khaled’s arms into the air, the big blond is visibly nervous, uncomfortable with the shift in how things are going today. He’s now securely tied. I put a lecherous hand on his chest. Khaled tenses up, flinching away from me, questioning my motives, demanding I stop touching him right now.
All this does is release a flurry of horny groping from Reuben and I – our hands all over his hard body, grasping his crotch, mauling his nipples, feeling up every inch of the angry hunk. I start slicing off his clothes with scissors, tearing his shirt off, pulling off his trousers and socks and cutting off his smart black underwear to reveal his vulnerable dangling cock and balls.
The big lad is protesting so much, we have to gag him with one of his own smelly socks, tied tightly in place with a bit of rope. No escape, no way to cry for help – time to punish the cunt. I use a cane to thrash his muscular abdominals, and Reuben and I take turns lashing him with the flogger and the stick. We rain down blow after blow on his increasingly red front, until it glows with painful warmth.
With Khaled’s nipples nice and sensitive, we cruelly attach several pegs to each one, then make things even nastier for him by clamping up his cock and balls with yet more pegs.
With Khaled still bellowing in fear and misery, we shove him to face backwards, lean on him to get proper access to his arse, and inform him that we’re about to take his anal virginity. Without ceremony, Reuben rams a finger up into his hole, which is as tight as you’d expect for an arse-phobic straight guy. To the tune of Khaled’s animal like wails and grunts of pain, Reuben fingerfucks him fast and viciously.
Khaled suffers beautifully, his eyes streaming, his teeth bared, his noises agonised. I can’t wait to thoroughly break this brute.

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