Kendra Lynn – Spread, Gagged, Clamped and Buzzed, Cinched and Secured

Kendra was in a spot! Spread-eagled on the bed in her garter belt and bra, her hairy bush on full display, she knew she was in trouble. When the man entered and stuffed a panel gag into her mouth, buckling it with a brutal ferocity, her last chance to call for help was gone for good. He tightened her bonds, spreading her further and she thrashed to the best of her ability, but there was no chance of escape. Slowly, he pulled her breasts out of her bra and produced a wicked looking set of clamps! Eyes wide with fear, she watched helplessly as he clamped each of her sensitive nipples! She howled in pain, but the gag swallowed up her scream! As she fought for freedom, the clamps shook and wiggled, increasing her misery. After a while the man returned and pulled the clamps free and as the rushed back into her nipples, she yelped in misery. Then the man held up a hitachi, and she braced herself for what he had next, but she found to her surprise that he was intending to use the powerful vibrations to tickle her mercilessly, NOT bring her to climax! He pulled the gag from her mouth to hear her laughter, and when he was finished, she smiled. She was worked up and desperate for a release, but the man merely smiled and left! Now, nude and spread, her only hope was that he would return to release her, or that she could scream loud enough to bring help! But what would a stranger do if he found her like this??

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