Justice Part 3-Episode 3: The Pleasure Trap

Rapture and Justice have been searching for Siren for days and Justice, as her newspaper photographer alter-ego, finally tracks her down to a new hideout. She sees Siren tied to a chair while Pride is vibing her. There’s also a camera in the room so Justice has her suspicions that they’re filming porn. She decides to come back later with Rapture. Justice runs in the room, a short fight with Pride ensues but he falls to the ground being injured. Rapture comes rushing in and they get Siren untied. Now with the three finally together they can focus on bringing justice to the city, instead of just escaping capture all the time! Suddenly the camera on the tripod points at Justice, there is a flash and Justice is wrapped up in tape with a wrap-around tape gag over her mouth. She’s shocked as she falls to the floor, then realizes what has happened-what she thought was a camera was actually some sort of tape cannon. The tape canon gets all three women and they all struggle in their binds. A Villainess walks in and kicks Pride to quit slacking off. The villainess explains that the bindings from the cannon don’t just restrain their captives but chemicals in the tape also act as strong aphrodisiacs. The villainess and Pride go off and Justice is able to grab an emergency beacon from her uniform, activate and hope someone gets the distress signal. The three are tied to chairs, Rapture and Siren gagged with tape but Dixie isn’t. The villainess comes in and Justice gets a good look at her. She thinks it’s Mistress Scarlett but she laughs and says she’s Envy and positively green with it. She explains that her men were responsible for the accident in the van and her men are who captured Justice. She’s jealous of all the attention they’ve gotten from fighting crime and wanted to all three women together to off them all at the same time. Envy gags Justice and proceeds to vibe each to orgasm. Pride walks in with an explosive but as Envy is gloating about taking care of all three at once, Pride grabs the tape cannon and points it at her. She collapses to the floor, wrapped in tape trying to protest through the tape on her mouth. Pride tells her he’s tired of her constantly changing her mind. He’s taking over and now Envy doesn’t have to be jealous of the other ladies. Envy realizes he’s right. The ladies are tied up in pairs, with their boobs out of their costumes. Envy and Siren are tied to another’s lap with crotch ropes which have vibrators tied into them. Justice and Rapture are laying on the floor, hands tied off above their heads ,legs tied intertwined with vibrators taped off to their legs to hit their juicy spot. Pride sets the explosive on a timer, then leaves the women in their predicament. The four ladies watch the timer with fear in their eyes but quickly succumbing to the vibrators. Suddenly Fortitude walks in. Justice sure is glad someone got her signal but why did it have to be this asshole. She points out the explosive and he deactivates it. With the three untied, the explosive disarmed and Envy now tied up with a hitachi, Justice shouts out that it’s finally time to bring justice to the city! The three women walk off, leaving Envy with Fortitude who is wondering what he’s supposed to do with her. He supposes he’ll sit there with Envy and wait for the cops. He sits down next to Envy and starts groping her big fat titties as she being vibed.

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