Justice Part 3-Episode 1: A New Threat

Justice, Rapture and Scarlett are right were they were left last but completely exhausted and Justice now knows that their captor’s names is Pride and he has a partner that goes by Lust. Pride cuts Justice loose from her bonds and she tries to take advantage by kicking him in the balls but she fails and he backhand her. He ties her up and takes her with him. Rapture sees her opportunity to escape and succeeds. Once her and Scarlett are untied, they have an argument about saving Justice. Scarlett goes to leave the hideout while Rapture stays to try to save Justice. Scarlett gets to the exit but is stopped by Lust. Scarlett tries to put up a fight but Lust gets the best of her, handcuffing and gagging her into submission. She drags her off telling her she’ll find out why they call her Lust. Justice is tied to a pole as Pride uses her as target practice. Rapture soon saves the day by taking Pride down. She runs to her lover and starts to untie her until they have a disagreement on if they should fight crime or do crimes. Since Rapture is Justice’s mistress, she thinks that she is in charge. Suddenly, Rapture is grabbed from behind by Pride. Lust holds her down as they tie her up and all Justice can do is struggle in her ropes. As Pride carries Rapture off and as Lust gropes and Justice, he gets a phone from his boss saying there’s a change of plans…

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