Julie: Pays her debt

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

As a loan shark, Ivan mostly has to deal with guys that can’t pay their debt, but every once in a while he gets lucky with a borrower like sexy little Julie. Julie owes Ivan $10,000, which she can’t pay within Ivan’s timeline, so he offered her an alternative to having her legs broken for her debt. Ivan takes Julie to an undisclosed location for her “payment,” and she’s starting to get a little nervous, wondering what he’s going to do with her. His answer isn’t exactly reassuring – she owes him a lot of money, so he gets to do whatever he sees fit, and the first matter of business is a big blue ball gag for Julie to put on herself. Her first reaction is “No way!” But Ivan reminds her she’s at his mercy, so if she doesn’t put it in, he’ll cram it in her lovely little mouth. So she pops the ball in, tightens down the strap, and removes her blazer at Ivan’s command, revealing a lacy black bra which contrasts nicely with the green rope Ivan wraps above and below her breasts. Now Ivan changes the rules a little: this is an installment process. Julie complains through the gag that he said this would clear all her debt! Well, if she pleases him enough it may, but she’s not there yet. He tells her to give him her sexy legs to tie, and she complies with a scowl. She doesn’t like the way this deal is going, but there’s no way she can come up with the money, so she really has no choice. He tells her to struggle for him, to really give him $10,000 worth of struggling, or they’ll have to do this over again until she pays her debt. She squirms around, thrusts her hips and pulls on the rope, but Ivan thinks she can do better than that. Julie is beginning to think that this isn’t worth it, that she’s rather find some way to pay the debt, and bitches through the gag, “Let me out of here.” But so far, Ivan hasn’t seen $10,000 worth, even with as sexy as Julie is. He ups the ante a little and puts her in a hogtie on the floor for a better show. She rolls around in the rope, wiggling and moaning, whimpering and flexing. Ivan’s not sure, though, so goes off to call in some friends to help him judge, and if they’re satisfied, her debt is settled. As he leaves, Julie screams after him, “Come back! Let me go1” But he’s not going to until her debt is paid! Starring Julie Coffee.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:41
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