Julie: No meeting today

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan’s clients are sometimes strange people with strange reasons for wanting someone out of the way, but as long as he gets paid he doesn’t really care. Sometimes he even gets lucky and gets to a pretty girl like Julie. She was easy to pick up, too – Ivan just snatched her on her way to the meeting with the gallery owner, no problem. Just to be sure she doesn’t become a problem, Ivan has a good grip on her in one arm, and a good grip on his knife in the other hand. But this is one of those nice kidnappings, where if she cooperates she won’t get hurt, and in a few hours she’ll be free, no harm done. Julie is a little too scared to fight at this point anyway, so when Ivan tells her to put her hands behind her back, she does, and doesn’t struggle as he winds rope around her wrists. Now to keep her quiet during her missed meeting – Ivan sits her down into a chair and tells her to open up, or if she wants to do it the hard way, well, Ivan has no problem with that. But she complies after a slight hesitation, and gets a handkerchief stuffed into her pretty mouth, with clear tape to keep it in, leaving her delicate lips visible. Now for the fun part, for Ivan anyway. Julies elegant little dress gets pulled roughly down, exposing her silky skin, then her bra is jerked down to show off her tits and rosy nipples. Ivan promises Julie that if she behaves, he’ll leave them alone, but if she makes trouble, he’ll twist those lovely nipples, squeeze her tits, and generally make her visit with him very uncomfortable. He ties her sexy legs together, first at the knees, then the ankles while she looks helplessly on. Finally he explains the situation to Julie, that his client wants the painting she was going to buy today, and has taken her place at the meeting Ivan prevented her from attending. So she’ll stay with him for a few hours, all tied up and gorgeous, and when the painting is firmly in his client’s hands, he’ll let her go.

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