Julie: A little too much to drink

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

You know those chicks that hang out at the bar with their crowd of friends, always have a bit too much to drink, flirt with all the guys so they never have to pay for a drink, and often run off with some guy for the night? Well, Julie is one of those chicks, and tonight, that guy is Ivan. When the bartenders gave the last call, Julie isn’t quite done XXXX yet, so Ivan invites her up to his hotel room for a few cocktails. Ivan was really hoping to meet someone like Julie tonight, with her sexy little black dress and those gorgeous stockinged legs and high heels, and even the slightly impaired judgment, which makes it easier to lure Julie upstairs and to make her friends think it’s just another one of Julie’s alcoholic trysts. If he plays his cards right, nobody will suspect Ivan of anything, and he and Julie can have an entertaining and exciting night together. Once they’re up in Ivan’s room and Julie asks for her cocktail, Ivan offers her something else fun instead of more alcohol, has her stand in front of him and put her hands behind her back so he can wrap a white cloth around them. It hasn’t quite clicked with Julie yet – must be all that liquor she’s had – until Ivan tells her that she may have come up here for the alcohol, but he brought her to tie her up. She tells him she doesn’t want to be tied up, but guess what? At this point, with her hands already tied, she doesn’t have much choice. Ivan tosses her onto the bed and ties her ankles as she protests that she’s not into this. But that little fact makes it twice as exciting for Ivan. Then Julie tries to pretend she’s not feeling well, that she’s had too much to drink – which of course she has, that’s part of why she’s here. Since her protests are starting to get a little loud, Ivan takes one of those pieces of white cloth and stuffs it into her mouth, making her that much more sexy when he wraps a red cloth around her head to keep it in place. What a hot little captive Julie is! He pulls her strappy black dress down to show off her pert little tits, gropes her a bit, rubs her legs and admires his toy for the night. Now to throw off the scent – Ivan is going to ask her friends if they’ve seen her, tell them she got halfway to the room, flipped out and ran off on her own. After watching her squirm on the bed for a minute, he’s afraid Julie might be able to get out if he leaves her like this, so he adds one more strap between her ankles and her wrists to make it much harder for her to move. Still, once he’s gone, she tries her hardest to struggle free, rolling around on the bed, stretching and straining against the straps Ivan tied her with, arching her back and trying to get her fingers on the knots. But just as Ivan suspected, Julie pulls this kind of all the time, and her friends didn’t bat an eye when he told them she ran off and left him behind all confused. Now he doesn’t have to worry a bit about one of them being suspicious, and he can have a nice night in with his new bondage toy Julie. Starring Julie Coffee.

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