Jozef part 9

Sporty straight Josef if fuming that he’s tied in such a humiliating and vulnerable position! Stripped down to nothing but his skimpy sweaty jock strap his arse is pointed up in the air. He’s bent over just enough so you can see a tempting glimpse of the rim of his arsehole as if he were a teasing whore. When Adrian comes to mock and grope him, Josef’s struggle to get away only results in him wiggling his big round rump to inadvertently turn us on even more! If he’s going to be trained to be a proper world class prostitute he needs to be compliant and loose. Adrian slides his fingers into Josef’s arse to prepare that fuckhole for bigger dick. But Josef is so disgusted he swears furiously at his captor. A few sharp electro zaps to his tender sphincter will sort him out. The excruciating pain to his sensitive hole will make this dumb hetero agree to anything! We’ve now got him on camera begging to suck a dick! He gets his wish and receives an expert lesson in how to pleasure the shaft and head of a man’s rod. He’s so good at getting Adrian hot and bothered he samples the goods by shafting this newly training whore long and hard! He anoints Josef’s arse with a fresh load of semen and Josef weeps in humiliation as the cum drips down his crack!

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