Josh in the Spanking Tower

Josh is an 18-year-old straight boy who first came to us a few weeks before this spanking. At that time, he was a complete virgin. Young and pure, he is the picture of innocence with perfect skin and an angelic face.
Josh had no idea what today’s spanking would involve. This is his first bondage spanking, though he did not know it would involve bondage. Imagine his surprise when he walked in to find the largest, heaviest and most imposing of Tom’s bondage devices, the spanking tower, set up in the middle of the room. Also imagine the feeling of getting in that device, with every part of your body on display, save only your upper back. It is a vulnerable and humiliating position.
Tom begins by spanking Josh by hand. He then decides to add to Josh’s embarrassment by using a pair of clippers to trim the hair in his crack and on his taint (Tom didn’t ask, but we are certain this is another first for young Josh). Tom then proceeds to use a ping paddle, riding crop, wooden spoon and a custom-made perforated paddle on Josh’s firm, round butt.

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