Jordan Spanks Declan

It took Tom a while to make this video happen. Jordan (age 19) shot with us first. He then referred his best friend, Declan (age 20), to do a video. Of course, Tom wanted to shoot them together, but they weren’t willing to do that.
Jordan and Declan went to school together beginning in fifth grade. They’ve been best friends for three years (they were in high school together). They weren’t at all interested in doing a video together. They knew a joint video would be very uncomfortable and embarrassing.
In this video, you’ll see Jordan spank Declan. At age 20, Declan is a year older than Jordan. However, he looks and seems much younger than Jordan. It’s clear that Jordan looks out for Declan and Declan looks up to Jordan. Having Declan naked over his lap is very uncomfortable for Jordan. However, it’s much more uncomfortable for Declan, who, of the two, was much more resistant to doing this video.
Jordan tries to administer the spanking with Declan standing, bent over. Tom’s having none of that and tells Jordan to put Declan over his knee. This embarrasses both of them, but particularly Declan. Jordan is reluctant to spank Declan hard. Luckily, Declan has almost no tolerance for any amount spanking, so the spanking Jordan gives him is more than enough to have him kicking and struggling.
Jordan repeatedly apologizes to Declan during the spanking. However, as Tom points out to Declan, Jordan is almost constantly grinning broadly and smiling. Although he does not want to be spanking Declan, he can’t help but find Declan’s predicament amusing. The interaction between the two is great. How often do you get to see best friends put in a situation where one must give the other a bare-ass spanking?

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