Jonathan part 5

As a carefree, fit and popular 18 year old schoolboy Jonathan is used to having complete freedom. He’s so pumped up with muscles and testosterone he believes the world revolves around him. This plucky straight lad needs to be taught respect and discipline. More than anything he must learn that his body and cock no longer belong to him. We humble this sexy young fucker, restrain him and fully expose his tender genitals. Even though this hetero is disgusted being handled by two pervy men all it takes are a few strokes of his willy to make him erect and eager to get off. This horny young fella just can’t control his cock or his sex drive. He’s never even thought of his arsehole being used in a sexual way but we worm our way into his precious bumhole, stretching his sphincter to ready it for dick. He desperately wants to escape but all those hard muscles can’t break him free from the ropes that bind him. Jonathan is utterly humiliated and panics as we so skilfully manipulate his body to either arouse him or make him feel pain. We can use him however we like because he completely belongs to us now!

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Duration: 21:10
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