John’s First Spanking Part 2

Before today’s shoot, 22-year-old straight boy John had never done any adult work or been touched by a man. He certainly won’t be able to say that any more.
This video opens with Tom giving John 64 hard, bare-handed smacks, all on his right ass cheek. John’s ass is already tender, and the pain is written all over his face as he struggles to maintain his composure. After the hand, Tom tells John to go choose the implement he thinks will hurt least. John chooses poorly and brings Tom a large flog. He realizes his mistake with the first lash of the flog. It quickly has him kicking his legs and crying out in pain.
Next, John chooses the bamboo spatula. We’d say it’s another horrible choice, but, to be fair, there are no good choices. The spatula once again has John squirming, kicking and grimacing from pain. He asks Tom to please rub his ass for a while.
John’s next choice is a paint-encrusted five-gallon wooden paint stirring stick. It hurts so much that a look of anger flashes across John’s face (he’s lucky Tom couldn’t see that). John kicks, squirms, cries out and even bites his hand and thumb as Tom has at him with the stick.
With no other choices remaining, John brings Tom a very painful small oak paddle. It is deceptively small, but that didn’t fool John. Though he avoided it as long as he could, the video ends with John receiving many whacks with the painful paddle.
John got a lot worse than he had expected. But, like so many others, he had no basis for the expectations he had because he hadn’t asked any questions about the details of the spanking. This never fails to amaze Tom. It seems that anyone, particularly any straight boy, would want to know exactly what was going to happen before he agrees to the spanking. Maybe they’d rather not think about it any more than they have to.

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