Joe part 5

As a straight laced businessman Joe believes he rules the fucking world. What he needs is a hard core lesson in humiliation to teach him what a lowly pathetic animal he is. With his limbs firmly tied, this stark naked bastard can barely move. Adrian rams a dog tail butt plug up his arse so his already sore bum is in constant pain and he looks like a stupid fool. With an electro cock cage secured around his bits all it takes is the press of a button to cause his dick and testicles intense agonizing pain. Now he must obey every humiliating command he’s given or his balls will be zapped. Joe struggles to obey but just crawling across the floor takes a monumental effort. His body trembles from the pain of receiving shocks when he falls short so it takes all his willpower to kiss his new owner’s boots and service his cock. Joe gags as he must swallow another man’s sperm and slurp up a bowl full of fresh piss. If only the other lads from Joe’s office could see how far he’s fallen!

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