Jeans and Satin

I won’t be escaping the house today, but fortunately I get pulled together with some duct tape. So, the day won’t be a total loss! Wearing my sweet fuschia satin blouse, worn in jeans, and brightly colored high heels, I am met by the unparalleled Johnny. He pulls out the silver duct tape and doesn’t fritter away any time as he snatches me up and starts wrapping the tape around my legs. Then he secures my arms behind my back with MORE tape! And, even though he seems to be in a playful mood, Johnny chooses a fairly inconsiderate gag to keep me under wraps. He stuffs my mouth with packing and then wraps some clear duct tape around my head to hold the packing in place. He goes about his business as he keeps an eye on my struggle. Finally, after being tied for a little while, he gives me the signal to let me know I am allowed to escape my sticky predicament. He’s even so nice that he left a pair of scissors sitting on the floor to help me out. I writhe around and loosen the rope. Then, I cut some of the tape, so that I can pull it all the way apart. Finally, with much difficulty and maybe a little hair loss, I am able to free my head from the wrap around duct tape. I spit the mouth packing out playfully. And, wonder, what was I up to before I met up with dear sweet Johnny? I am really not sure what I had in mind. But, now, all I can think about is the tacky tape that Johnny knows how to use all too well!

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