Jason’s Crime and Punishment

Harsh, real punishment for lying and stealing! Jason finally blew back into town, and, as always, he needed money. He’s borrowed money for the purpose of coming to do a video multiple times, and failed to show up multiple times. Tom knows Jason is not likely to show up for any given spanking, but he likes Jason and knows he’ll always come back to town eventually.
In this video, you’ll see Tom give it to Jason hard with his hand, a wooden spoon, bath brush, PVC flog and an electric paddle. You’ll see Jason’s smart-aleck grin rapidly disappear as it is replaced with kicking, yelling and tears. Jason knew this was going to be a bad one, and he knew he deserved it.
Jason is a cute and endearing boy. Tom has liked him from the moment he met him. But Jason has some issues and he has repeatedly lied to and stolen from Tom by asking for money to come to town to do videos that he rarely shows up for. Over three years have elapsed since Tom met Jason, but Jason is very much the same 18-year-old boy he was then, both physically and emotionally.
Jason has accomplished very little in those years. It’s not that he’s a bad or malicious boy. He’s not. He just lacks discipline, and he lacks that discipline because he was never taught it. His parents always let him do what he wanted to do, and so did other adults in his life. When you’re a young, cute and charming blonde boy with blue eyes, people can be easily taken in. Jason has just been rolling through the years, living like a teenager, having fun and being irresponsible. He has yet to realize that the life he’s living will catch up with him sooner or later. It catches up with him some in this video.
Before this shoot began, Jason kept telling Tom he was scared of the spanking he was about to get. Tom knew this was Jason’s way of trying to elicit some assurance that the spanking he was about to endure would not be that bad. There was absolutely no way Tom was going to reassure him, especially since he’d have had to lie to do so. He simply told Jason that he has a lot to answer for and should be worried because it wasn’t going to be an easy session to endure.
This is a harsh session. It’s harsher than Tom would’ve normally given, but Jason got it because he earned it. You’ll watch as Tom explains some basic facts to Jason while he punishes him. You’ll see Jason apologize repeatedly as he kicks, squirms and cries. We’d like to say Jason learned his lesson, but just two days after this video, Jason again borrowed money from Tom with the promise of doing another video that he failed to show up for. Some boys may never learn, but Tom will never give up trying to teach them.

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