Jared – Hoss Kado — Elite Athlete

Release Year: 2023
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

Jared, an elite college athlete, is cuffed face-first to an upright plank, naked but for a jock strap. His perfect ass and muscular back are whipped mercilessly.
Jared’s eight-pack abs, broad chest and muscular legs are on full display as he is groped and his jock is replaced by a rope looped around his genitals.
Muscle-boy Jared’s cock is stroked until he’s hard, his arms cuffed above his head, stretching his muscular torso, which is groped and whipped by the man in black.
Jared’s cock remains erect as his incredible body is flogged. Then he jerks off with his wrist cuffed to his genitals, a cum-covered muscle boy kept on display.
Muscle stud Jared is hog-tied on the floor with metal wrist- and ankle=cuffs. He cries out in pain as his rock-hard body is lifted off the ground by his cock and balls.

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Duration: 1:18:33
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