James Spanked in Baseball Gear

Harsh discipline! James, a fit 20-year-old, is back for another spanking. This time he’s in full baseball gear. James remained fairly stoic throughout his first over-the-knee spanking, but he isn’t this time.
Although James is a cocky and fairly tough guy, in this situation he quickly becomes subordinate to and respectful of Tom. Tom believes this is a result of James having always been subject to regular physical discipline. He has learned respect for his elders, and that is evident in this video.
Tom puts James over his knee and starts in. After the hand, the first implement is a black all-silicone paddle. It’s an odd implement that is heavy and flexible to the point of being floppy. It hits with a heavy thud that the boys tell Tom hurts a lot. You can see just how much it hurts by watching James’ face as Tom goes at him with a series of heavy strokes. Tom then tells James to pick the next implement himself. James picks the birch and comes to regret it. He thought it looked less painful, but he quickly learns he was wrong.
Next up is the hairbrush, another very painful implement. Tom doesn’t ease up and gives it to James hard with the brush, causing him to squirm, grimace and cry out in pain. After that, Tom delivers a series of severe strokes with a perforated wooden paddle, leaving James’ ass deep red and bruised. Tom makes James count off the strokes, and James’ voice cracks and gets higher which each successive stroke.
The belt comes next, and Tom doesn’t let up on the severity. It’s one hard lash after another as James gasps. When Tom finally stops, James’ ass is quivering involuntarily from the intensity. After the belt, Tom has James fetch a leather slapper and goes at his ass with that. Then it’s the birch again. This time James’ ass is so red and tender that the birch has him kicking and squirming as Tom takes it to his ass and upper thighs.
Just when James thought it might be over, this video ends with a first. Tom spanks James wheelbarrow style, two hands at once. It’s clearly more than James can handle as he gasps and cries out in pain. Finally it’s over and Tom orders James to get dressed. James’ ass and upper thighs are deep red as he puts his baseball uniform back on. He won’t forget this spanking anytime soon.

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