James part 6

Hetero James is now kept permanently naked. He must crouch in the corner of the room awaiting our orders. This pretty boy will make a good new pup and we train him how to submit like a good little doggie on a leash. He’s desperate to empty his bladder but hunching on all fours with his leg cocked over a dish is too humiliating and the sorry bastard can only manage a few dribbles. If this fucker won’t go we’ll gladly use his embarrassed face as a urinal. We soak him in our piss and the proud cunt has had enough! We demand he lick every last drop of urine from our piss slits but he stubbornly refuses. It’s necessary to correct that attitude. He’s tied against the wall and we thrash his pert arse till he not only agrees but begs to suck our dicks clean. Down on his knees he struggles to service both our dicks at once. The more he wraps his lips around our shafts the harder we get. We become so impatient we ram both our cocks in his resistant gob at once. James is completely overwhelmed at his new lowly position as a dick sucking slut!

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