Jade Madison And Brenda Bound – Her Bitchy Niece, brendasbound

1) Scene 1 (6 min) Jade Madison is your bitchy niece so you pinched her boob and xxxx her to turn her back to the camera and you tie her hands behind her back with rope. You tickle Jade’s upper body and say you love tickling unruly niece’s with blue eyes. Jade bucks laughs and screams stop tickling me I am very ticklish. Only to be harness ball gagged and have her upper body (armpits, rib cage and sides) tickled by Your fingers. While tickling Jade you say you are sick of Jade being a bitch and you say Aunt Brenda will teach you a lesson. After long tickle you take off harness gag and march her off, her hands still tied behind her. 2) Scene 2 (14 min) You finally untied Jade, but you tied her in new position. Using rope You tied Jade’s wrists strung up above her head to ceiling and tied her ankles apart to bar leg spreader. Terrified Jade said she feels so exposed with her hands tied high above her and she begs no more tickling from Aunt Brenda. Your fingers than start tickle Jade’s upper body and make Her buck squirm and laugh. You then say your sister spoil her girl Jade that is why you have to step in. In between laughs Jade screamed no more aunt!, and you use harness ball gag Jade and shut her up from protesting, and you give her some tickling while She can’t talk back. Finally u say Jade had enough punishment and take off her harness ga. You reach up to untie her hands, but Jade said don’t untie me yet, I want to be tickled more its so sexy. So you leave her strung up and resume tickle her. Jade bucks and laughs and ask if she can come visit every week and be tied and tickled by aunt Brenda. You said it’s a deal, all the while tickle her.

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