Jack’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! — Before today, Jack had never been touched by a man. Jack is our second new model this month. You can tell from the gleam in his eye that Jack is a troublemaker. As he describes in a brief interview at the start of this video, Jack has been messing up for years and getting away with far too much. Unfortunately for him, he told Tom about several of his misdeeds, including a DUI charge for which he never paid any fines (his girlfriend’s parents paid them). Today that all comes to an end when Tom puts Jack over his knee and gives him a long, hard spanking that has Jack squirming and grunting.
Jack apparently thought this spanking would be a mild one. He was wrong. Tom uses a heavy hand as well as a hairbrush, paint stick and a leather strap on Jack’s boyish, smooth butt. Jack’s congenial smile and happy disposition evaporate quickly, giving way to the look and demeanor of a resentful, angry boy. By the end of the video, Jack’s butt is bright red with some very dark red marks. After the spanking, Jack talks about the spanking he gets as opposed to the spanking he expected.
If Jack is popular, Tom plans to have him back for more spankings to address his other misdeeds.

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