Jackie and Lexi Mae Bound At The Travel Agency

After we register our surprise, Lexy Mae and I decide to give the "gentlemen" the seductive show that we think they were hoping for. In our daytime business attire, satin scarves around our necks, and sexy high heels, we weave back and forth as our skirts ride up revealing our panties, and mmmmmpppphhh for the cameras through our satin scarf cleave gags. Andre "Toon-Man" and RopExpert have Lexy and I tied cozily in tan ropes and secretly we are enjoying this unprovoked practical joke. After we put on a little show for Johnny, RopExpert and Andre (the computer nerds from the shop next door) we decide to show them that we aren’t just little ole damsels in distress. We help each other escape our ropes and gags and then chase after the boys who have been taking turns snapping pictures of us tied up and gagged. Hmmmmm…..Lexy Mae and I might just have to think of a way to get back at these boys! Especially the RopExpert!

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