Izzebella Robbins – Tutor Tied and Topless, Cinched and Secured

Izzebella had been hired as a tutor by a wealthy family, but it seems the little “students” have no interest in [paying attention to her. What they are interested in is tying the luscious redhead up nice and tightly. Izzebella at first struggles, demanding to be set free, but her would-be pupils tire of her noise and cleave gag her, her mouth stuffed with rags! Furious, she struggles and gag talks up a storm, but the one thing these students did not have to be taught was how to bind a woman! In a rage, Izzebella is powerless to prevent herself from being hogtied, her blouse opened to expose her boobs as she rolled around in a desperate attempt at escape! Her cries and pleas for help are even more stifled by the Over The Mouth cloth they have tied around her head! Looks like Izzebella is the one who got taught a lesson!

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:09
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