It’s Time For Our Sweaty Socks and Feet – Part 2 – Full HD 1080p

After nastya sorted out Angelina and Selena’s dirty boots, she was ordered to worship their sweaty socks first. "Hey, bitch. Do you understand that your work is not finished on this? Our socks and feet are sweaty .." – The girls scoff at the slave girl. nastya starts sniffing the girls’ socks, but this is not enough, since a lot of hair and dust have stuck to their socks. The slave girl understands what she needs to do and began to lick them. First, she takes off Selena’s socks with her teeth and she pushes them into her mouth. There are also Angelina’s socks, which also end up in nastya’s mouth. Now is the time for the girls’ bare feet. "Suck our toes, you idiot. Suck all the sweat out of there! Haha" – Angelina and Selena continue to the pathetic slave girl. "After you thoroughly clean feet, you will be useful to us, lol!" – Said the girls looking at the slave girl.

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