Isabella Rose: Her Last Reprimand

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan has had his eye on his boss for a while, every time he saw her, he just pictured her tightly bound and gagged. When he finally had enough of her unfair rules and goals that could never be reaches, he started to plan a way to get rid of her and take her position within the company. When he was got all of his ducks in a row, he wrote an especially bad report, knowing that she would come down to berate him for it in person, and his plan worked. Isabella storms into his office telling him how awful his report is, she’s too involved in her rant to see that Ivan has a slight smirk as she yells. When she’s within his grasp, he reaches out and wraps his arms around her, pulling her on top of the desk. He repositions her until she is face down on the hard surface and he pins her arms behind her back while he gets rope from the drawer. She squirms, sliding her legs off the desk, her ass high in the air. Ivan thrusts his hip into her to hold her in place as he ties her wrists tightly together. Ivan move on to Isabella’s legs next, tying them just below the knee and then again at the ankle. She threatens to call the cops but Ivan already has plans to make sure she doesn’t call anyone. He moves her pretty blond hair out of the way and stuffs a big ball of cloth in her mouth and wraps microfoam tape tightly around her head turning her scolding tone to sexy whimpers. When Ivan tries to unbutton Isabella’s blouse, she struggles trying hard to get away from him but with all the rope, it only takes him seconds to reveal her perky breasts. He adds another rope going under and over her breasts creating an upper body harness. He then lays the very unhappy woman down on the desk, grinding her bare nipples against the cold wooden surface. Ivan adds a hogtie rope to ensure that his now ex-boss doesn’t get off the desk until he’s ready for her. He leaves Isabella there to struggle while he goes to make sure the alley is clear and the truck is ready for her. She wiggles and squirms on the desk surface, arching her back and trying desperately to find the knots with her tightly bound hands. Before she makes any progress though, Ivan returns and scoops up Isabella, tossing her over his shoulder and carries her out to the truck..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:51
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