Insex – Tutorial_2

**Bonus Article**
Tutorial 2

This bonus update features two lush female bodies and rope. Tutorial Two is the second in a series of instructional bondage footage. As Donna, dubbed Domina, is instructed in both physical and mental domination by PD, 912 has the wonderful misfortune of being tied up. For her transformation to Domina, Donna dresses in nothing but a cupless rubber corset, mid-calf length leather boots, cherry red lipstick and matching red fingernails. 912, of course, is naked except for shackles and ropes. Domina’s slender fingers work the rope, bind 912’s legendary breasts, and tug the crotch rope through 912’s fresh pussy (the look on 912 s face is priceless). By the end, 912 is well-secured and helpless in a severe hogtie. Domina’s sadistic side takes over. The cattle prod makes repeated jabs. 912 screams and jerks, throttling herself against the throat rope, her breath a series of harsh rasps.

Release: 2003

Size: 68.4 Mb

File size: 68.4 MB