Insex – ScareCrow

When violet is wheeled in to the studio she is all taped up, body in black and head in white tape. Pd unreavells his present and reveales a cute girl in skirt, shirt and smilie socks. Her hands firmly locked behind her back with hand cuffs. Her head is put is a devilish device – the head box – and she is made to suffer on the concrete floor, her moans and cries muffled by the wooden box. Slowly but surely her perfect body is revealed.

She is standing over a metal contraption that spreads her legs, and points a dildo towards her pussy. A bit gag making her drool uncontrolled while her hands are tied in her neck with leather mittens. Clamps bite into her sensitive nipples whil being attached to the gag in her mouth. her elbows are tied together with leather straps.

She is hanging from a metal cross. Her face in a rope harness and her breasts in a nice tie. SirC supports her feet with ropes, but the position is far from comfortable. most of her weight is supported by ropes on her thighs. A huge inflatable dildo is pressed up her cunt while she is being tickled. Then she is masturbated, but the position is too difficult for her to really enjoy it. Then it’s time for some serious foot torture and fire play. after that a bouncing toy is tied to clamps on her nipples, jerking in a random manner, and she is being struck with a kebab stick. Tiny little metal clamps on her nipples and labia finally get the best of her.

She is laying on her belly in a weird sort of hogtie, her arms doubled up against some wooden poles, forcing her in a backbreaking arch, her sensitive parts nicely exposed. After a little clit rubbing, she gets spanked until her ass is nice and red.

The final scene is a traditional hogtie on a table. Her hair tied to her toes and a ring gag forcing her mouth wide open. Her face and cunt are being fucked by mr. Pogo, while nipples clamps pull on her breasts and a nose hook turns her into a little piggie.

Release: 2002

Size: 113 Mb

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