Im Using You To The Fullest, Little Bitch – Scene 2 – Selena – Full HD 1080p

After the human ashtray, Selena decided to continue testing christina. She wondered how long it would take for christina to handle her dirty feet .. how long does it take for christina to lick Selena’s dirty feet? so that they shine .. Now we will check it! Selena’s feet are very dirty and she calls her new slave girl christina .. "Look how dirty my feet are .. Do you see that? Let’s check what you can do, you dirty slut! Haha" – Selena taunts the slave girl. "Of course, Mistress! I will do my best." – Pitifully answered christina and began to lick the dirty soles of Selena. The slave girl’s tongue very quickly turned black with dirt, but this did not stop christina and she continued to polish Selena’s feet with her tongue. "You are like a pig! First I smoked in your mouth and now you worship my dirty feet. Your tongue and face are black from my feet! ugh, you nasty whore!" – Selena continue taunts the slave girl. All christina can answer is just to thank her Mistress. You can compare Selena’s soles at the beginning and at the end .. As you can see, christina does her job well. How long do you think it took christina to clean Selena’s feet?

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