Illustrious Rouge – No escape from the white slaver’s basement, jimhunterslair

Rose wakes up tightly hogtied and gagged in a basement. She isn’t sure where she is, the last thing she remembered before they knocked her out was fighting with her captors. She refused to cooperate in her training and attempted to run away. But now she lay tightly hogtied with rope. But she wasn’t going to give up easily as she stretched her fingers out feeling for the knots. It was tough trying to pry the knots loose with her numb fingers and unable to see what she was doing. What seemed an internity working the knots she finally feel them go slack. Pulling the ropes and twisting her ankles and her ankles where finally free. Rose struggled to her feet. But her arms were still tied brutally tight behind her back and the ball gag was still strapped and locked behind her teeth. But she had to try to get away as she tiptoed across the floor trying hard not to make any noise. She found the stairs and hoped that she wouldn’t be discovered as she climb up. At the top she peeked around the corner to make sure the coast was clear. She could see daylight under the front door and hurried to it hoping that she wouldn’t be discovered. Rose twisted the door knob and was thankful that the door was unlocked and she opened the door. Outside she could see playing and people going about their daily business unaware of her peril. But just as the got the door opened one of her captors grabbed her from behind and put her in a choke hold. Rose screamed into her gag frustrated at being so close to escape as he slammed the door shut. He dragged her back into the basement and pushed her back down onto the sofa. He then grabbed more rope and twisting her arms he pulled her hands up to the middle of her back and tied them there. He then crossed and tied her ankles brutally tight together and then pulled her feet up to her elbows and pulling her back into a severe arch he hogtied her tying her ankles to her elbows. He left Rose brutally bound and hogtied with no chance of getting her finger to any of the knots. She sobs and cries in dispair.

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