I Want My Toilet To Be Clean – Nicole – Full HD 1080p

Nicole likes to use christina in different ways .. Nicole gets up and orders christina to lick the toilet .. christina has no choice but to fulfill her Mistress’s every whim and she starts licking the rim of the toilet. "Look at yourself! Aren’t you sick of yourself?" – Nicole scoffed and spat in the face of the slave girl. The slave girl faithfully continued to follow Nicole’s humiliating orders so as not to anger her. After which Nicole got bored and she decided to cheer herself up. She grabbed a toilet brush and began rubbing over christina’s teeth and mouth. "Clean the brush, bitch! I want it to shine clean!" – Nicole continued to stick christina’s mouth on the brush. Toilet water dripped from the brush onto christina’s face and mouth. Nicole was amused and she decided to properly give christina toilet water. She brought a glass, scooped water from the toilet bowl and ordered the slave girl to it. Poor christina opens her mouth wide and swallows all the water .. She understands that it is better to do what Nicole wants so as not to receive even more punishment. As soon as Nicole was convinced that christina was humiliated enough for today, she ordered her to lick all the splashed toilet water from the floor…

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Duration: 16:22
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