Hooters Girl Part II

It’s Halloween night and all the Hooters are out! Too bad some of them aren’t serving wings. Instead, they’re serving up a fright in the back office with manager, Johnny. He sits there and waits for Jackie and Terra Mizu to escape his strict rope hog tie. But, they are gagged and struggling, making absolutely no headway. Johnny finally realizes that he cannot let this go on forever (with the angry Florida/Georgia mob gathering in the bar begging for their Halloween treats and tight asses). So, he reluctantly lets us go. Even though we were the finest sight he has ever seen tied up in hemp rope in our white sneakers, thick white socks, shiny pantyhose, and the signature short orange shorts and white tank top. Hopefully, we didn’t ruin things for the Halloween crowd!

Format: mp4
Duration: 6:23
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Audio: 153kbps

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