Hogtie for the two conniving cougars

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I am thrilled with the way my life is shaping up. I’m living large – all courtesy of a six month stint with a rich old geezer who provided me with lots of money and this beautiful home!! It was well worth the effort I put in to get him dishing out the cash right into my hot little hands. He’s history since I hooked up with ot sexy blonde cougar Amanda Foxx. She introduced me to the allure of young hot studs who simply adore being with a MILF and boy do these young guys look good and fuck like crazy all night long!!! We’ve just gotten home from a night on the town with two 20-somethings and are lounging in my bed laughing and relaxing. We fall asleep with huge smiles and happy thoughts. Suddenly I am awakened by a thud on the bed! I roll over to see my rich old ex holding a huge knife up against my throat. What are you doing?? He says he heard everything I said about using him and he’s here for revenge. I laugh and tell him we were talking about someone else, but he’s not buying my bullshit. I keep talking as he throws a bag between Amanda and me telling me to open it up. WTF? A bag of rope??? Are you kidding me?? He orders me to bind Amanda’s slender wrists and to cinch them tightly. I’m still not totally scared and try to convince him to have a kinky threesome. The fucker is flashing that blade around wayyyyyyyyy too close to me and I comply with his instructions. I tie her ankles as he wishes still doing my best to sex talk him. Nothing I say is working so I pull out her big tits and try to entice him that way. Even her luscious tits don’t phase him and he XXXX me to shove a rag deep into poor defenseless Amanda’s mouth and seal it off with layers of vet wrap. Amanda is shaking like a leaf and afraid to move, but I still go at it, trying to talk my way out of this mess by offering him a two girl blow job. The old fart is hell bent of XXXX me to tie myself up. His threats and even the blade don’t scare me all that much since he’s always been a wimp. I’ve always had the upper hand managing to talk myself out of anything. He says he is tired of my big non stop mouth and throws the vet wrap at me ordering me to gag myself. He binds me brutally tight into a hogtie arching my back painfully. He maneuvers my body really close to frightened Amanda and hogties her. Suddenly he XXXX my head between her legs and into her pussy binding my neck to her so that my head is lodged deeply into her crotch. He is laughing and taunting us as he grabs Amanda’s head and pushes it down into my pussy. He adds more rope around her neck and we are ultimately XXXX into an uncomfortable hogtied 69!!!!

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Duration: 19:08
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