Her Source Came Next

Cast: Mia Amor
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Rope Bondage, Ball Gag, Chair Tie, High Heels, Limp Fetish, Breast Bondage
Video language: English

After interrogating the reporter for hours to give up her source, It was time to pay the source a visit. The unsuspecting source was arriving home from a day at the office. The man awaits her arrival. He jumps her from behind and lays her on the floor. She looked so good and the man knew he was going to have a good time with her. He takes her heels off her limp legs. He rubs her legs and groups her tits. As she starts to come around he had tied her in a chair and taped her mouth. She awakens in fear. Scared for her life. Subduing her he unties her hands and makes her stand. He tells her to strip slowly so he can see that little Ebony body. She tries to cover her naked body before he XXXX her back in the chair. He ties her hands behind the chair exposing her perky tits. She crosses her legs trying to protect her self. He ties ropes to her ankles spreading her legs to the back of the chair. She cries and sobs through her gagged mouth. He steps in and rips the tape of her lips. She screams out at him. He asked her. Do you know who I am? He tells her that he is the guy that you was trying to take down with your bogus information. He asked her where she keeps her Intel. She refuses to answer. He slaps her tits several times and asked again. She screams out it is on my lap top in my office. He shoves a large ball gag in her mouth while he retrieves the laptop. The girl was a real smart ass. The laptop was password locked and she knew it. He asked for the password. She shakes her head NO. He tells her, Fine bitch!!! I broke your reporter friend I will break you. He ties a high powered vibrator to her exposed pussy. She cries out as soon as the sensation hits her clit. He next turns his attention to her exposed chest. Tying each tit into melons and to the back of the chair. As they swell the pain increases. He asked again for the password. She refuses. He slaps her swollen tits and turns up the vibrator. She shakes and sobs as it becomes to much. She gives up the password in fear for her life. He just laughs and tells her your partner lasted a lot longer then you did.Satisfied he had everything he needed. He unties her from the chair and hops her over to the coffee table. He stretches her out on the table exposing her perfect little body. He takes her gag out and asked again. What was that password. After she gives it to him he tape gags her with a deep cleave gag. She has a tight crouch rope on her berried in her pussy. He shoves the vibrator in the crouch rope. He turns it on high for fun. She squirms and struggles on the table to make it stop. The man goes and get’s the laptop and a cold beer. He comes back and sets back on the coach. He finds all the info and deletes everything. Going through her laptop he finds a bunch of porn. He tells the girl wow your a kinky little bitch aren’t you. After seeing this he knows he is going to have some fun with her. He leaves the vibrator on her and applies nipple clamps to her swollen nipples. She cries and sob’s as he enjoys the rest of the night with her.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:20
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4794kbps
Audio: 128kbps

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