Helen Stephens & Belinda Lawson – Spa Rules 720p

Cast: Helen Stephens, Belinda Lawson
Genres: BDSM, Torture

Completely naked, Helen and Belinda are punished with a yard-stick for fraud Petite beauty Helen Stephens is ordered to strip nude with her manager Belinda Lawson, to be punished for fraud in . Belinda has already felt the yard-stick across her bare buttocks: now it’s Helen’s turn to be lifted onto Belinda’s back, standing on tiptoe for Earl Grey to administer a blistering 10 strokes. Slow-motion cheek-jiggling replays! Two totally nude beauties are soundly spanked: Helen “” for punishment Take two beautiful girls, order one to hold the other on her back to present her buttocks for punishment, and let fly with a meter ruler! It’s a classic all-nude “” intense spanking scene with Helen Stephens hoisted onto Belinda Lawson’s back for a blistering 10 bare-ass swats from Earl Grey in . “We’re both sweating like crazy!” laughed Helen. Stripped totally nude, Belinda hoisted onto Helen’s back for the wooden ruler Taken to a sauna at the exclusive spa where Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens work, they are ordered to strip totally naked by owner Earl Grey in . These two are hot! Helen hoists Belinda onto her back so she’s standing on tiptoe. The crack of the wooden yardstick across Belinda’s ripping bare buttocks awesome in slow-motion! Stripped naked, Belinda’s big, bouncy booty is smacked with a yard stick No-one would believe it if they walked into the sauna and saw pretty beauty therapist Helen Stephens totally nude, holding on her back an equally naked Belinda Lawson in ! The ladies are humiliated and punished with a wooden yard-stick for fraud. Boss Earl Grey is making the most of his opportunity to punish them. Awesome slow-mo replay!

Total size: 1.0 GB in 4 files.