Heath in the Spanking Tower Part 2

Heath’s session in the Spanking Tower continues as Tom comes down hard on him. He uses his hand, a leather strap, flog and a rubber paddle/slapper on Heath’s sore ass.
From the start, Heath struggles with the spanking Tom is giving him. He’s moving and shifting around as much as he can, which isn’t much in the Spanking Tower. He grunts and cries out throughout this spanking. To make things worse, Heath repeatedly forgets to address Tom as “sir” and gets some hard reminder swats with the rubble slapper/paddle.
Gone is the angry, defiant and cocky Heath we saw in his first spanking video. He is replaced with an exhausted, obedient young man who just wants the spanking to stop. In fact, Heath pleads with Tom to “please stop.” But he knows that a simple request like that will not be honored. He can either quit and walk out unpaid, or endure the rest of the spanking.

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