Handball Marathon 1

Year of manufacture:1994
Genre: Orgy Scenes, Average Lookers, Hairy Guys, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Threeways, Pierced Body Parts, Rugged Men, Dildos – Toys, Solo, Leather, Kink, Fisting
Duration: 01:39:03
In roles:Clay Russell D.J. Austin Drew Dikson Jean Claude Ray Butler Wolf(f) Zak Spears
Description:Hard-working assplay that gets you in the gut! Quivering buttholes, dripping wet ass lips, and, of course, juicy, beautiful rosebuds. Cocksucking, buttfucking, S/M, rimming, watersports, big fat dildos, and most of all……HOT GUYS screwing their buddies with WILD FISTS!
This is the first and probably the most sexually exciting of the “Handball Marathon” films. It is also the least offensive. A little oral and anal sex, rimming, enema action, and water sports are dabbled throughout, but the focus of the movie is fisting. Zak Spears appears almost continuously in the film, and some of the most erotic fist-sex is when he’s in control (and restraining the sex so the focus stays on plesurable fisting, not stunt-sex and torn assholes). Ray Butler and (especially) D.J. Austin are terrific fisting bottoms. Production values are low, but the editing is minimal and smooth and the sound passable (and often realistic).

File size: 1.5 GB