Gwen Hood Improv

I’m not much for over-the-top fetish fashions…a classy g-string with high heels and them hose with the line up the back…the van halen-era of feminine hotness…that’s just my particular ideal…but some of the fetish inspired fashions are beautiful for bondage and bound babes…like the Gwen Hood…we white trash folk here at DungeonCorp just grab a roll of whatever’s lying around…black vet wrap? that’ll do…Tiffany is the perfect slave for this because she has those big innocent eyes…close off the mouth like it never existed, wrap the rest of the head and leave those cat eyes staring back at you through fire…the Pope rigs her down on the sofa…lovely ropework that shows off Tiffany’s supple, young body…then legs spread…Sweet lilttle Tiffany struggles and cums in about 4 minutes…and continues to deal with the aftershocks for another 4…such a precious one, she is

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