Gtna-Elane-Fayth: Vengeance is sweet, part 1

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

It really hurts to find out your boyfriend screwed someone else, but it hurts even more when it’s someone you thought was your friend who seduced him. After the initial shock wore off, Gina decided not to get mad, but to get even. Catty though it may be, Gina has come up with so many ways to punish the lying slut Fayth, and has recruited her best friend Elane to help her with her little “problem”. Elane is too good a friend to let her go through this on her own! With everything set up, Gina gives Fayth a call to invite her over to their “girls’ night in” with movies, popcorn, snacks, and a whole lot of fun, and Fayth offers to bring the brownies she just pulled out of the oven. She starts on her way over while Gina shows Elane everything she has in store for the bitch – a huge roll of duct tape, several handkerchiefs and cloths, a roll of hot pink stretchy wrap, and a special roll of microfoam tape she found in the first aid section of the store. Fayth is going to get what she deserves! They are going to fuck her up. Fayth knocks at the door when she arrives, and Gina yells for her to come on in. Fayth drops off the brownies in the kitchen and joins Elane and Gina on the bed, ready for the movie and popcorn. It was so tempting to eat a brownie on the way over, but she didn’t since she wanted to share them with her friends. She’s all chatty and perky, asking what movie they’re going to watch, and where’s that popcorn? Gina reveals the name of the movie: “Fayth is Fucking My Boyfriend!” Gina and Elane tackle Fayth and yank her shirt over her head while Fayth tries to excuse her actions: “I was XXXX! He wasn’t good anyway!” Well that just makes Gina more pissed off, and they roll Faith over to pull her skirt down and off. As much as Fayth struggles, she is outnumbered, and the other two are NOT letting her go! With Fayth stripped down to her bra, panties, and stockings, Gina decides she’s had enough of Fayth’s jibber jabber, and crams one of the white cloths into Fayth’s mouth while Elane holds her arms. Fayth tries to kick Elane even as Gina tapes the cloth in place, but Elane wraps her legs around Fayth’s so she can’t try that again. Fayth continues to bitch incoherently behind the tape, but Gina ignores her, instead reminding her she fucked Gina’s boyfriend, and maybe, if she’s nice, in the end Gina will fuck her! Elane and Gina laugh maniacally while Fayth tries to get loose from Elane’s legs, but it does seem time to make sure that bitch’s legs stay closed this time – Gina straddles her knees, holds her ankles together, and wraps the duct tape around them enough times to make sure she’s not going anywhere, but just to be sure, she adds another several wraps around her slutty thighs. Even with her legs taped together, Fayth kicks at Gina as she gets up to move to the other side for better access to the next step. This time it’s Elane’s turn to straddle Fayth when they turn her over for Gina to tape her arms behind her back. Elane laughs – it’s like riding a bull, keeping this wild bitch down! But Gina manages to wrap the tape around Fayth’s wrists a few times. Somehow Fayth is still making a lot of angry noise, but Gina has the solution for that! They roll her back over, sit her up, and wrap another cloth around Fayth’s mouth, then several wraps of the microfoam all the way around her head, and the pink stretchy wrap on top of that! With as much as Fayth is still fighting, Gina nearly wraps it around her nose too, but Elane grabs a fistful of Fayth’s hair to keep her head still. Since Fayth can’t pull free there, she claws at Gina’s legs, but Gina still manages to get wrap the stuff around enough times to shut Fayth up some. All this struggling has Fayth sweating quite a bit, enough that she manages to slip her wrists out of the duct tape! Will Gina and Elane be able to contain her again? Starring Gina Rae Michaels, Elane Hershey, and Fayth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:22
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 139.2 MB