Glenn’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This is not only Glenn’s first spanking video, but also the first time he has been touched by a man. This video includes a very brief interview with Glenn followed by the entirety of his first spanking.
Glenn is an all-American 19-year-old straight boy with a great face and firm butt. He considered doing a spanking video for quite a while before eventually agreeing. He’s a college student and, as is the case for many college students, money is tight.
Glenn first had sex with a total of four women, and has gotten with many more. He was physically disciplined when he was growing up, but it was a long time ago and he can’t remember many details. Tom uses his hand, a shoehorn and two belts on Glenn’s firm butt. Glenn was foolish enough to wear a leather belt to his own spanking, so, in addition to Tom’s own belt, Tom used the belt Glenn wore on him.
At one point Tom stands Glenn up and tells him to put his hands behind his neck. He then gives a few hard swats with a long, painful plastic shoehorn. Glenn looks more than a little mad about being in this position and struggles with the pain from the shoehorn (the boys consistently rate it one of Tom’s harshest implements). Tom decides to really push Glenn’s limits and offers him $10 a stroke for however many strokes from the shoehorn he will take. Glenn chooses to take 10, and they certainly leave their mark.
As the spanking continues, Glenn has a harder and harder time with it. He doesn’t cry, but he does start sniffling repeatedly. His voice is breaking as he’s counting off strokes from different implements.
By the end of this video, Glenn’s ass is very marked up. At the beginning of the video, calling Tom "sir" seemed completely foreign to this college student. However, at the end, he can’t seem to stop saying sir. Physical discipline can drive home a point.

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