Gia Love’s First Hogtie – Part 3, futilestruggles

This clip starts where Part 2 ended. I hogtie Gia incorporating her crotchrope into the tie to tighten it up as well. Gia grunts angrily and clearly does not like her predicament. She really hates it when I tie her head back by her hair. I leave her to twitch and grunt for a while. Eventually, I turn her on her side, so I can see her tits and to just get a new view. After a while, I grow bored. Gia is not struggling hard enough for my liking, so I grab her crotchrope and slap her ass and tits. I need to be entertained somehow. Gia continues to moan and grunt even more intensely now as you might imagine. I sit and relax in my chair with Gia hogtied at my feet. I poke her with a stick just for fun. My encouragement did not seem to help… I order her to try and escape, but she seems to grunt and decline, so I start slapping her ass ad tits again. She gets very angry and manages to get her gag loose. I decide that this is enough for her first visit and I untie her. I learned that Gia’s lower jaw is built to ruin gags and they must be much tighter next time. I took it pretty easy on her as I wanted her to make it until the end and she seemed to really struggle with what I did put her through. She does want to come back and try again, and I plan on taking her up on that offer. I left in some behind the scenes footage as well. Gia talks about her ordeal and other things. She might get better as we go along and I think the journey might be fun.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:49
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 6824kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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