Gagged 914 – InSex

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Insex Archives
Genres: bondage bdsm torture rough pd enema 912 insexarchives

A bondage lover’s dream – four suspensions, lots of rope, finger and toe bondage, and tongue bondage. 914 takes nipple torture, tickling, and the consummately evil use of both a singletail and a cane. Repeated gagging with a dildo deep into the throat makes this required viewing for all lovers of drool.

Suspended in a position imitating images of meditation, 914 is bound sitting cross-legged, her arms upraised, with thumb and forefinger tied to form the Reasoning Mudra. The little finger of each hand is posed in the variant position, held in place by rope and heavy weights. Her tongue is pulled out of the mouth and tied in place. A septum ring holds her nose upward. Add a fucking machine and a vibrator, and you’ve got meditation hell.

She’s bound to the outside of the round cage, arched backward, and hung in the air. Weighted clamps drag her nipples toward the floor. A huge ring gag opens her mouth for a long mouth-fucking/gagging scene. Drool, drool, and more drool. Maybe even some gastric acid to spice up the mix. The nipple clamps are removed. She gurgles with pain.

Raised into the air while tied in a prone position, her body is tilted so that her head drops toward the floor. A ball is taped into her mouth. Now the fun begins. Her nipples are clamped and attached to a large, heavy weight upon the floor. If she lifts her upper body, the weight will pull her sensitive nipples. Her feet and toes are tied. Now Sir C makes an offhand comment about something she had so much “fun” doing. Anything Sir C had fun doing should terrify any submissive unlucky enough to be under her control. In no time at all, a singletail rips away at the soles of 914’s feet. She shrieks. The singletail moves to her back. In order to give 914 the relief she desires, her body is pivoted, head upward. Of course, her nipples raise the weight off the floor, which suddenly yanks free.

914 is suspended as though swimming. What starts as a pussy flogging turns into tickling. 914 begs her to stop. What a mistake! So a cane is used instead, beating relentlessly on the underarm, nipple, foot, calve, thigh, ass, and pussy. One should never ask Sir C for mercy.

Original FileName: 20050413 – Gagged (914)

Format: real
Duration: 50:02
Video: 320×240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 126.5 MB