FutileStruggles – Audrey Chair Tied – Audrey Ashes

Audrey Ashes is a brand new model and I usually hogtie new models, but Audrey has big natural tits that are begging to be bound, so I change up my usual strategy and tie Audrey to a chair to take advantage of them. I start by manhandling and groping her, before cleave gagging her. Before I do much more, I want to make sure Audrey is secure, so I tightly bind her waist and lap to the sturdy chair, before ripping her blouse open. I slap grope her bra clad tits, before pulling them free. Her gag is made much more severe and effective with many wraps of electrical tape. Audrey moans and yelps as I clover clamp her nipples, before crotchroping her and binding her legs with more rope. I then return to her nipple clamps. They are pulled tight and tied off around the back of her neck. The clamps are holding the full weight of her huge tits, exposing the underside. I let her acclimate to the clamps as I add more and more rope to her bondage. Once complete, I grab a split leather strap and whip the underside of Audrey’s tits as she whimpers and yelps through her brutal cleave gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:19:13
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