Fuck You, Sir

This is the second half of the spanking that began in “Five Reasons Why.” Owen was short on funds and had asked Tom for this shoot. While Tom was getting ready in the other room, Owen wrote “Fuck You” on Tom’s chalkboard. He thought it was funny. Tom saw it as a sign Owen is getting too comfortable, so Tom decided to make this spanking a very hard one.
Tom spanks Owen hard by hand and with a flog, leather strap and a wooden-handled rubber paddle (one of Tom’s most painful implements). Owen’s butt is already bright red and sore. He struggles with the harshness of the spanking, squirming, shifting around and crying out. Tom makes him repeat “fuck you” as he’s being spanked and reprimands him for driving recklessly. Owen is apologetic and obedient. He just wants the spanking to end.

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